Machinery Used In Longwall Mining

  • Longwall mining

    Longwall mining

    Longwall mining has been extensively used as the final stage in mining old room and pillar mines. Longwall has better resource recovery (about 80% compared with about 60% for room and pillar method), fewer roof support consumables are needed, higher volume coal clearance systems, minimal manual handling and safety of the miners is enhanced by the fact that they are always under the .

  • Machines Used in Coal Mining | Career Trend

    Machines Used in Coal Mining | Career Trend

     · Longwall mining is more efficient than room and pillar mining, but the equipment is more expensive. Surface Mining. For extracting coal which lies close the surface, huge dragline shovel machines remove the topmost layers of soil and rock, exposing the coal, which is then removed by smaller machines. Surface mining may involve removing sections of hills or top layers of a flat .

  • Longwall Mining Machine

    Longwall Mining Machine

    Machinery Used In Longwall Mining Strzelnica. Longwall machinery machinery the equipment used in longwall mining includes cutting machines armoured face conveyorsafc powered face supports stage loaders cutting machines longwall shearers coal plough shearers the coal is cut from the coal face by a machine called the shearer power loader. Longwall Mining .

  • Equipment Used Longwall Mining

    Equipment Used Longwall Mining

    Longwall machinery The equipment used in longwall mining includes Cutting Machines Armoured Face conveyors(AFC) Powered Face Supports Stage loaders CUTTING MACHINES: • Longwall shearers • Coal plough 2. Longwall shearers The coal is cut from the coal face by a machine called the shearer (power loader). Longwall Mining . Used Equipment CatUsed Underground Longwall.



    In longwall mining, the coal is extracted by the machine called shearer. It is mounted on the armoured face conveyor. It cuts the coal and acts as power loader by loading the coal on to the AFC. Shearer is preferred normally for seams more than up to to be rotated 180°when shearer machine reverse its direction of the travel. It has ranging arm, cowl, shearer body, sides on AFC and ...

  • Case Study

    Case Study

    Case Study Remote Control of "Longwall" Mining Machinery Improves Safety and Productivity Operator Safety through Remote Control in Dangerous Environments With increased focus on safety in underground coal mines, efforts are being made to reduce risks to miners in any way possible. "Longwall" mining differs from "Room Pillar" mining in that the mine roof is expected to fall when .

  • CHAPTER 11 Mining Technology

    CHAPTER 11 Mining Technology

    Although longwall mining is used virtually exclusively to produce coal from underground mines in Europe, it accounts for only 5 percent of annual underground coal production in the United States. Longwall sys tems have been used in several European countries to extract most of the reserves in 30ft thick seams at depths of 3,000 ft. In the United States, on the other hand, such recovery of ...

  • Machinery equipment for underground mining • Grupa FAMUR

    Machinery equipment for underground mining • Grupa FAMUR

    Machinery equipment for underground mining. The FAMUR Group offer enables to provide a mine with a complete mining system. We deliver technologically advanced and highly efficient automated longwall systems, machinery and equipment for roadheading systems and a wide range of products for transport and reloading systems utilized in underground ...

  • Longwall mining

    Longwall mining

    Unlike earlier longwall mining, the use of a conveyor belt parallel to the coal face forced the face to be developed along a straight line. The only other machinery used was an electric cutter to undercut the coal face and electric drills for blasting to drop the face. Once dropped, manual labor was used to load coal on to the conveyor parallel to the face and to place wooden roof props .

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    Longwall mining has come a long way since it was first pioneered and used in England in the 1600s. Longwall mining cuts a long rectangular block of coal by an automated cutting head that moves parallel to the rock face. A roof support system is utilized to support the roof, and as the cuts continue the roof above the coal is allowed to collapse behind it. This system of mining is extremely ...

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    Maximum productivity in the longwall is possible only if the conveyor technology can keep pace with the output of the mining machines. ® Armored Face Conveyors (AFCs) keep your production moving – delivering maximum capacity, high drive power, high availability and reliability. We take available space and desired production capacity into account when designing a complete, customized ...

  • Cutting Machines

    Cutting Machines

    longwall mining : equipment : cutting machines shearers : Equipment Cutting Machines Shearers . Shearers are by far the most commonly used cutting machines, both in Australia and overseas. A shearer consists of a machine body containing electric motors, hydraulic equipment and controls which is mounted over the AFC. Horizontal cutting drums are mounted on the .

  • Longwall Mining

    Longwall Mining

     · Retreat Longwall Mining Disadvantages Over Advance Longwall Mining Delay in getting production for the preparation of first panel. 27. ... (Gyro Machine Trolley) and transported to surface of new face. Shearer is dismantled into two parts for easy transport. AFC pansets were dismantled in such a way that 5 pansets together forms a unit for loading onto GMT. Similarly .

  • Glossary of Mining Terms

    Glossary of Mining Terms

    Shearer A mining machine for longwall faces that uses a rotating action to "shear" the material from the face as it progresses along the face. Shift The number of hours or the part of any day worked. Shortwall – An underground mining method in which small areas are worked (15 to 150 feet) by a continuous miner in conjunction with the use of hydraulic roof supports. Shuttle car – A self ...

  • FAMUR progresses with automated longwall technology plus ...

    FAMUR progresses with automated longwall technology plus ...

     · The mining on the longwall was concluded on December 6, 2020. "During its operation, the Mikrus system showed what it was made for. Not only did it allow us to work in automatic mode but it also managed to mine a bed that no other machine could have mined. This longwall has made history in Chinese mining. It was the first longwall with perpendicular machine .